Palm Pixi Review

Posted on November 13, 2009


The Palm Pixi is a tiny smartphone with enough features and elegance to woo even the most die-hard feature phone user, but current Pre owners will want to stick with what they have.

The $99 Palm Pixi will be unleashed upon the world this Sunday and after using one full-time for two days, I can say it’s a great smartphone for anybody who hasn’t made the jump past feature phones. The Pixi comes in a tiny, almost bite-able form-factor that’s immediately appealing — all the more so because inside that little frame is the elegance and power of webOS.

For current smartphone owners, however, there are a few compromises that, all combined, lead me to suggest that most those interested in webOS should still opt for the more powerful Pre.

What is the Pixi?

IF the Palm Pixi…

is something you are interested in, the Full in depth review can be found here.

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