FLO TV for iPhone

Posted on November 20, 2009


FLO TV for iPhone proof-of-concept caught in the wild

We don’t know if watching TV on a 3.5-inch display is your bag, as it were, but it looks like Qualcomm is moving onward and upward with its plans for FLO TV on the iPhone. Not too many details at the moment, just some pics that Electricpig snapped of a handset running a proof-of-concept app that relys on an external device for reception, streaming re-runs of Mayberry R.F.D. to your handset via WiFi. No word yet on the when this device might actually go “prime time,” but with any luck the five pocket TV enthusiasts out there may someday be freed from the tyranny of the FLO TV Personal Television.

After thought: Why don’t they just ditch the hardware and stream the tv to phones using data? Last thing I want is to have another thing tethered to my phone, the whole point of having a do-everything smartphone is to reduce the amount of devices I have to carry around.

(via Engadget)