Paranormal Activity Creator Cuts Deal for Alien Movie Area 51

Posted on November 30, 2009


From Paranormal Activity to Alien Activity

Low-budget maestro Oren Peli already has an encore in the can now now that his Paranormal Activity has become the year’s hottest horror hit. The director’s moving into alien turf with Area 51, which has been picked up for nationwide release by Paramount Pictures.

As with the Paramount-distributed Paranormal, Peli’s new movie, which completed principal photography three weeks ago, pretends to be based on real-life footage. Shifting focus from Paranormal’s suburban demons, Area 51 recounts the misadventures of three teens who uncover weird extraterrestrial phenomena near Nellis Air Force Base in the Nevada desert, home of the secretive military installation known to UFO buffs as Area 51.

Citing Peli’s “spectacular debut” — Paranormal Activity cost $11,000 and grossed $106 million — Paramount boss Adam Goodman told Variety “we are excited to show [audiences] what he’s created next.”


(via wired)

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