CRAZY workouts for Women… MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!

Posted on July 1, 2010


6. The I-Rider

Hey ladies, do you like making sexual movements but hate needing to have a man around to justify making them? Well, you’re in luck then because apparently the i-Rider is going to take you for a wild, semen-free ride. As the woman in the infomercial says, “If you’re watching TV, you better be hanging on tight!”

5. The Shake Weight

This is a true classic of the infomercial genre and offers women a great way to shape their arms by giving simulated handjobs. There’s nothing I can say about this video that will be funnier than this parody of it.

4. Whatever This Is

I have no clue what’s going on in this 1980’s workout video, but my best guess is that a crazy lady is teaching women how to workout their faces. Either that, or she’s got some serious constipation issues.

3. Easy Curves

Ladies, do you ever get the feeling that your boobs aren’t strong enough? Well, with a little help from this Shake Weight-inspired Easy Curves product, you can increase your bustline and enjoy all the perks (read: creepy guys buying you drinks) that comes with them.

2. The Hawaiian Exercise Chair

This new exercise device is catching on so fast that Ellen Degeneres felt the need to try it out on her show. And if there’s one thing Ellen probably knows, it’s how to get a woman’s ass moving.

1. The Mommy Workout

I know it’s challenging for moms to find time to work out. That said, there’s still no excuse for the existence of this video. There’s also no explanation for it other than the geniuses over at Everything is Terrible must have dug it up from the bowels of hell.

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