President Obama comments on Republicans blocking unemployment extensions

Posted on July 6, 2010


Washington, D.C. (Jul 6) – President Obama lashing out at Senate Republicans regarding unemployment extensions on Saturday, referred to the situation as “using their power to hold this relief hostage.”  The President also mentioned the jobs report released last Friday as a somewhat positive sign being, the economy is actually creating jobs, just not enough to cover the more than 8 million unemployed Americans that are currently receiving unemployment extension compensation.

Currently, a new unemployment extension package lies in wait in the Senate with hopes of swift action next Monday, when Congress returns from the Fourth of July recess. The package, a much scaled down version of the Jobs Creation and Tax Loophole Act of 2010, H.R. 4213, the Restoration of Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2010, H.R. 5618 will not include the additional $25 per week employment compensation created with the Stimulus Package almost two years ago.

Also, removed from the bill, the end of the Tax Loopholes that allowed rich business owners to whom the Republican Party will defend to the end, that would end tax breaks that sent millions of American jobs overseas. Overseas jobs much needed here in the U.S. to stem the tide of the long-term unemployed.

The sponsors of the new bill, H.R. 5618 Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) a long time supporter of the nation’s workforce along with, House Ways and Means Chairman Sander Levin (D-MI) worked hard to get a bill that would bring much needed relief to America’s unemployed workers.

President Obama referencing the unemployment emergency stated, “Still, at a time when millions of Americans feel a deep sense of urgency in their own lives, Republican leaders in Washington just don’t get it.  While a majority of Senators support taking these steps to help the American people, some are playing the same old Washington games and using their power to hold this relief hostage – a move that only ends up holding back our recovery.  It doesn’t make sense.”

In addition to remarks regarding the Republican Party’s cold-hearted efforts to block relief for unemployed Americans, President Obama announced the awarding of a nearly $2 billion in additional commitments to the Department of Energy for solar energy projects.

Abengoa Solar has agreed to build one of the largest solar plants in the world in Arizona, which will create about 1,600 construction jobs. Abound Solar Manufacturing will be included in this project building two Solar Arrays in both Colorado and Indiana. In all, over 1,500 permanent jobs, and 3,500 construction jobs should be created by this investment.

Remarking about the economy, President Obama stated, “Well, on Friday, we learned that after 22 straight months of job loss, our economy has now created jobs in the private sector for 6 months in a row.  That’s a positive sign.  But the truth is, the recession from which we’re emerging has left us in a hole that’s about 8 million jobs deep.  And as I’ve said from the day I took office, it’s going to take months, even years, to dig our way out – and it’s going to require an all-hands-on-deck effort.”

As the Senate returns to business on July 12, millions of unemployed American’s in desperate need of assistance can only pray that the Republican Party will make the right choice, to help American’s suffering due to the lack of employment by no fault of their own.

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