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July 27, 2010


Supposedly this video is about guy who was tripping on some sort of hallucinogenic drugs (acid?). His friends locked him in a closet and recorded the conversation he was having with himself. This video is the audio recording of his “closet trip” put to animation. ENJOY =) Advertisements

CRAZY workouts for Women… MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!

July 1, 2010


6. The I-Rider Hey ladies, do you like making sexual movements but hate needing to have a man around to justify making them? Well, you’re in luck then because apparently the i-Rider is going to take you for a wild, semen-free ride. As the woman in the infomercial says, “If you’re watching TV, you better […]

Steve Jobs VS. Bill Gates

March 3, 2010


Steve Jobs VS. Bill Gates . This video is awesome thanks to SUPERNEWS, it shows the ever evolving battle between Apple and Microsoft. Its refreshing because it shows that in the end they need each other and competition is the healthy foundation for the consumer. ENJOY =) . .

Disney + Clint Eastwood = Gran Up Torino

December 17, 2009


Gran Up Torino . . Everybody loves Disney, and their movie “UP” in particular was a hit. On a side note Clint Eastwood is a bad ass, that’s no doubt. So what if you combined the emotional love-ability of “Up” with Clint Eastwoods suspense drama “Gran Torino”? Well you need not wonder anymore, some folks […]

Sex Offender Shuffle

December 17, 2009


SEX offender SHUFFLE There is really nothing that can be said for this video as it speaks for itself. As your watching ask yourself, “Is this the new macarena dance?”… Enjoy =) . .

The Assumption song

November 30, 2009


The Assumption song   You think you know the words that are coming, but boy are you surprised. ENJOY =)  

Real Life Transformer Robot … kinda

November 18, 2009


Are Transformers Real? Only in Alaska This guy Carlos Owens who lives in Alaska built a homemade Mech robot. Not only is he a mechanical genius but also pretty creative. He certainly built it,  just isn’t very good at operating it. Let me jump in the pilot seat, I was born to run one of […]